It's more than just a place to live...It's home.  
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                                                                                    41-1322 Pheasant Lane, Victoria, BC Canada V9B 5R3
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Thank you for your interest in our co-op.

Becoming a resident/member of Pheasant Meadows Housing Co-operative involves a multi-step, confidential application process. This process includes application, interview, and approval stages. The stages are outlined as follows:

  1. Complete an Application Form -- If you decide that living in our co-op might be for you, complete the membership application form (here). The application will not be considered unless the form is fully completed and submitted electronically.

  2. Attend an Interview -- Once unit becomes available and criteria have been met, the Membership Committee will invite you to an interview. This interview will be set for a mutually convenient time. All persons and dogs listed on the application should attend this interview.

  3. Selection and Approval -- After all interviews have been completed, the Membership Committee members meet jointly to discuss the applications and make recommendations to the co-op's board of directors. The board accepts or rejects each recommendation, or requests more information regarding an applicant. All applicants are then notified of the results.




Please complete the form linked above. Please note that we will ONLY consider electronically submitted applications.