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As per the PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT (PIPA), applications are retained for 6 months and then destroyed.

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Pheasant Meadows Housing Cooperative requires as much specific information on your present housing as you can provide. Most of the following section can be answered by making a selection. Feel free to fill in the additional comments section with any additional information that may assist us in determining your requirements.
The Co-op has a pet policy that allows 2 spayed/neutered pets. No aggressive breeds. Exotic pets need to be approved by the Board.
We understand that only the members of Pheasant Meadows Co-operative Housing may live in the co-op and we apply for membership, as set out below. We understand that, if the co-op accepts us for membership and offers us a unit, we must buy a share purchase of $3,500 for the principal member and $10 for each associate member. If accepted into membership, we agree to be bound by and comply with the Rules and Occupancy Agreement and Policies of the Co-op in force and as amended from time to time. We declare that all the information provided in this application is correct. We give the Co-op permission to verify any or all of this information, and to perform a landlord check and credit check. We understand that acceptance for membership also depends on the Co-op obtaining satisfactory results from a credit check.

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1322 Pheasant Lane, Victoria BC V9B 5R3